Gurudev Observatory

Awards, Certificates and Honors

Gurudev Observatory has received many awards and certificates following its participation in many activities:

  • Certificate of excellence - Stanford Solar Center with NASA, NSF, SDO, UNO
  • Award of excellence as Heroes in Solar and Space Physics - SSC with NASA, NSF, SDO, UNO
  • Distinguished science educator - SSC, NASA, NSF, SDO, UNO
  • Certificate of participation - International Observer Moon Light (INOMN)
  • Certificate of participation and National Observer - NASA, Cassini Scientist for a Day
  • Certificate of participation - The Planetary Society
  • Certificate of completion - Sun Earth Day - NASA, GSFC
  • Certificate of participation - Maven, Spacecraft to Mars
  • Special observer - Radio Jove, NASA
  • Certificate for support - Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA
  • Certificate of appreciation from Radio Jove, NASA
  • TOV observer, Sun Earth Day, NASA
  • Certificate of recognition for SSID - NASA, SSC, ISWI, IHY, SARA, NSF and United Nations (UN)
  • Certificate of Achievement - NASA, SARA, NSF, UN, SSC, IHY
  • Certificates, honors and medals from various national and international institutes