Gurudev Observatory

Outreach Activities

At Gurudev Observatory we have tried to learn, teach and spread space science and its awareness for the last 25 years. For the last 5 years we have concentrated on students and the common man of our society. We use radio telescopes, optical systems like binoculars, multimedia sessions, lectures and last, but no least, print and electronic media to achieve our goal.

We have been donated Radio Joveby NASA and Super Sid by the Stanford Solar Centre by SARA in the USA. We use both of these to attract youth towards radio astronomy, Jupiter, the Sun and our Galaxy. A Pinhole Cam, donated by the Alto University of Finland is being used to see the apparent path of the Sun using long exposures. This was the first time these three projects were implemented in India.

NMSU of the USA and Sandial Lab have also donated an All Sky Cam as the above said all 3 were the ever first of India.

Each year we organize / take active part in small / big science fairs at our city which help to take our vision to thousands of visitor in a very small period of time.

Roughly more than 24,000 students per year visit and are trained by our observatory. We have spread awareness in more than 2.5 million students and 50 million Indians till today. Media help us very strongly.

You can see some photos of our work on

Truly speaking we are students and training ourselves. “Knowledge is gods gift and it should be used to improve humanity and the next generation” so we invite small groups of school children every week to take a look and understand the basic concepts of Radio Jove and radio astronomy.

We firmly believe that space science and looking to the sky in any form gives us stress less nature and life, happiness, regularity ,ego less nature, enthusiasm, positive ness, integration and much more. So let us try to take this science to our new generation if we want to make our earth green, peaceful, borderless.