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Sky Map June 2015

june 2015

Sky Map for June 2015

Sky Position

The Sky Map shows the sky from 22.19 N latitude and 73.12 E longitude and observers in the Northern hemisphere except for extreme north latitudes can use it to see and understand the sky from their home.

How to observe:

Hold the sky map overhead with your hand with N (North) at the top. Face North. East is to your right, west is on your left and south is behind you.

Now look at the sky map and then see the sky above you. Can you spot stars, zodiacal signs and constellation? If you prefer you can take a small red light with you so you can see the sky map easily. Try to find a dark observing area away from other lights to see fainter stars.

Learn the movement of the sky:

We have added sky map for all the months which will help you to learn the movement of the sky during whole the year.

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