Gurudev Observatory

Crepuscular Rays

When the Sun's rays at the time of sunrise or sunset stream through the gaps between clouds in such a way that they have extraordinary effects like the furrows of freshly ploughed fields or like narrow roads or like small streams of water they are called Crepsuscular Rays. In Hindu mythology these rays are always shown behind the head of Goddess Gayatri, the Sun and other gods as a continuous flow of divine knowledge.

Airborn dust, organic aerosols, small water droplets, inorganic salts, air molecules etc. scatter the sunlight which create this miracle. It lasts from a few seconds to minutes depends upon the density of the particles and the sunlight. One can easily capture this show with a digital camera.

Here are some pictures showing Crepuscular Rays taken by me with a Sony handy cam from the observatory. You may see other such celestial pictures on the web of gurudev observatory.

Gallery of pictures