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I completed my 12th with 53% overall & I'm interested in Astronomy ,Astrophysics too much .i want to do B.Sc in Astrophysics.... Which university in India & USA (with scholarship) offers this course? Kushal Vyas , Vadodara, Gujarat.

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In the 1960s, I studied at the University of Wisconsin Departments of Astronomy and Electrical and Computer Engineering, in Madison Wisconsin USA:

"...How to Apply: As the Astronomy Ph.D. Program comes with a guarantee of financial support, our admissions process is highly competitive. Typically, the Department of Astronomy admits a small number of applicants annually, on average 4, with year-to-year fluctuations..."

With wonderful memories of my studies at Wisconsin, I recommend this University to You.Dr. Eng. Victor Herrero-Arrieta Ph.D. M.S. Ing.Ind.   Radio Astronomy Blog  Astronomy Blog  Travel pictures

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There is no simple answer to this question.  Many universities offer the degree you seek, but very few offer a scholarship.  Your highest

probability of success is to continue networking in person and via the internet.  Also, research using the internet, professional publications,

and organizations to identify schools, scholarships, funding sources, and professional references.  Good luck!  Many things in life are a

challenge and a source of great satisfaction when we have solved them.-Jon Caples :U.S.A.

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 Maybe the following link would help for India:

For the USA, please google " in the USA".

The following link may be useful too: -

-Ir.Jean-Luc L.J.Dighaye ,President,EurAstro Association

Pranam, Jai Gurudev. This is really beautiful to connect spiritual science to space science.I will just completed my bacholar of Engineering in electronics & communicationin june 2015. Is there any future scope to make carrier in space science & astronomy ??- Mansi Mehta

To me, regarding space science in India, any bachelor (with his/her present diploma) could apply to ISRO in particular the careers
As to a career in astronomy, he/she would need a PhD in astronomy/astrophysics, then to apply to an observatory/planetarium/science park in India - financially a less promising future, I must say.
An alternative would be, to apply to the European Southern Observatory,
Jobs are well-paid, but hard to get, especially if you are not from a member state.-Ir.Jean-Luc L.J.Dighaye ,President,EurAstro Association

 क्या भारत खगोल विज्ञानं की कॅरियर का चांस है?

आत्मीय मित्र ,

भारत वेद काल से खगोल विज्ञानं का स्वामि गुरु रहा है।

उसी के बताये रस्ते पर पाश्चात्य खगोल विज्ञानं प्रगति कर रहा है।

हमारे यहाँ खगोल विज्ञानं के कॅरियर में इसी लिए ही चांस ज्यादा है।

आप इसरो के आलावा प्लेनेटेरियम ,विज्ञानं पार्क ,विज्ञानं म्यूसम में नौकरी कर सकते है।

आने वाले समय में बड़ी स्कूल्स और बड़े कॉलेजिस खगोल विज्ञानं को प्रधानता देने जा रहे है वहा भी आपको चांस है बस डटकर पढ़ाई कीजिये और इसी तरह प्रश्न पूछते रहे। - DDPurohit

મને અવકાશયાત્રી -એસ્ટ્રોનોટ બનવાનો શોખ છે ,હું 10 માં ધોરણ માં છું તો મને માહિતી આપશો।

બેટા ,તારે 11 માં ધોરણ માં વિજ્ઞાન પ્રવાહ લેવો પડે ત્યાર બાદ એન્જીન્યરીંગ કે MSc કરી ને અમેરિકા થી માસ્ટર કરવું પડે।

ખુબજ મહેનત અને લગન ની જરૂરત પડે છે। તો મન લગાવી ને ભણવાનું અને ઘરેલા રસ્તા પર ભટક્યા વગર ચાલતા રહેવાનું।

નિયમિત ગાયત્રી મંત્ર બોલી ને સૂર્ય ને અર્ઘ્ય આપવાનું પર રાખવું। - DDPurohit

I am very interested in a career in astronomy. After my 12th sci., what is best way for me to become an astronomer?- Harshil Patel, Gujarat, India

You should choose Computer/Mechanical./Aeronautical/Electrical Engineering. Or you may just do an M.Sc. with Maths/Physics. Please also check for opportunities with IIST, Thiruvanthpuram or IUCAA, Pune. There is very little opportunity in India for an astronomer but the world is big. At present you must concentrate on your 12th Exam. - DDPurohit

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