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I have interest in spiritual science. So what should I do after my twelfth.-Unknown sender.

There are many options available to you. But since DSVV is the only University offering a foundation course in the Scientific Spirituality - You shouldshall attempt to get an admission to the DSVV. You can learn about the possible courses that would be eligible for, from the DSVV website ( ) . - Pro Vice Chancellor, DSVV University,Shantikunj,Haridwar,India


This is a very disturbing questions since ages for me that Who created this universe?If I guess the answer will be that it was formed during some big-bang explosions or some kind of chemical reactions between solids, gases, etc.But still who created them and this space full of authentic wonders? Himani. Mehul. Dave,12th Science.

(1) In terms of proof, no one can provide it but the scriptures mention it that the divine consciousness created it. Ekoham Bahusyam - I am one, let me be many - is the statement of the scriptures but it shall neither be proven with the help of science nor it shall be attempted. The one that is manifestation of the source, can never be exploited to authenticate the source. Pro Vice Chancellor,DSVVUniversity,Shantikunj,Haridwar,India
(2) Indeed, everything in our universe originated from the big bang. "Before" the big bang is hard to define, as there was neither time nor space, even not a void, so that the notion of a "primeval atom" (though not an atom, strictly speaking) containing all the future universe and floating in a vacuum is false: there was nothing outside that atom, even not a vacuum.
Now, was that atom created or not? This is a metaphysical, rather than physical question, since the science is not capable of answering it. If created, it could have been by some supernatural entity.-Ir.Jean-Luc L.J.Dighaye ,President,EurAstro Association

What is the aim behind our existance? How can we corelate the things happening to us to understand the nature/universe? Can meditation be the best way? -Kushal .U. Vyas,Student of Science,Vadodara, Gujarat.

The aim of the human life is to unveil the purpose of the life. We all had come to this planet with a divine possibility and the purpose of our lives, the quest of the superior notion, the thirst for higher truth, the hunger for inner freedom shall never be forgotten and that alone, is the only real reason for the existence. To have self-realisation, to discover yourself is the ultimate purpose for the human beings as well as for the humanity.

There is a very established and scientific theory of the Karma that provides all the answers to one's question of what is happening to us. In summary, shubh karmas are responsible for shubh outcomes in the lives and vice versa. Pujya Gurudev's book - Gahana Karmano Gatih - shall be read to understand it properly.

The meditation alone can give the answer to all dimensions to the universe. The deeper the roots go of a tree, higher it reaches above ground. The deeper one travels inside oneself - more acquainted with the wider realms of the universe, he/she becomes. The third chapter of the Patanjal Yoga Sutra is dedicated to the discovery of these divine manifestations in the sadhak - by dwelling deeper into one's consciousness. - Pro Vice Chancellor, DSVV University,Shantikunj,Haridwar,India 

Due to which reason DAVID HUME has told that we can't relate speed of the particle and time differently?- Kushal .U. Vyas,Vadodara,Gujarat.

 According to, "Hume’s treatment of our idea of time is like his treatment of the idea of space, in that our proper idea of time is like a secondary quality, grounded in our mental operations, not a primary quality grounded in some external phenomenon beyond our experience." Further, "the idea of time, then, is not a simple idea derived from a simple impression; instead, it is a copy of impressions as they are perceived by the mind at its fixed speed (Treatise, The Treatise the site refers to is "A Treatise of Human Nature: Being an Attempt to Introduce the Experimental Method of Reasoning into Moral Subjects (1739-40)." Hence the speed of a particle i.e. its spatial variation cannot be related differently from time. Einstein's special relativity was partly inspired by thephilosophical ideas of David Hume, however it was based on mathematical arguments, see
where Einstein is said to have declared "My solution actually concerned the concept of time. Namely, time cannot be absolutely defined by itself, and there is an unbreakable connection between time and signal velocity."- Ir. Jean-Luc L. J. Dighaye, President, EurAstro Association

How can you relate to Gayatri and Savitri with the existing stars, planets and life in the universe? - Gyanesh

See, there are still misconception in our mind. We think that gayatri, savitri or any other gods are Devata of some particular planets or stars or like that. It is not true. We should believe that Gayatri and Savitri are the Vital Energy, the main source of the Universe, in my words it is energy for god particle, which is responsible for the existence of every thing. Gayatri is Visible Universe while Savitri represents Dark Energy and Dark Matter. Though we could not prove all these thing on the basis of science at present, let us hope that in future we will be able to. - DDPurohit

Namaskar m apse puchhna chahta hu ki kya hum surya ki kirno ka use karke dead insan ko jinda kar sakte h. - unknown sender

At present it is impossible to give life to a dead person using the Sun's rays but the future is bright. I think interfering with nature is not good, when there is a birth, there is a death. You, with your friends and family are most well come to ask useful questions at any time. - Divyadarshan D Purohit, Gurudev Observatory

Atmiy Mitra,
aap apnaa naam or email bheje.
Vartmaan me sury kirano se kisi bhi dead ko jivit karna sambhav nahi hai. Aur prarkriti kaa niyam hai, jo janma hai vo jayega bhi. hame kudart me hastkshep nahi karnaa chahiye. Aur prashn puchhane ke liya aap spariwar samantrit hai. - DDPurohit

respected sir pranam... garbh ke samay se hi sahi santati ko janma dene ki prakriya aur uske shrestha nagrik ke roop me taiyar karane hetu system ka nirman kya sambhav hai? agar sambhav hai to vaisa prayash shantikunj dwara kiya ja raha hai? agar han to kis prakar ....s.k.soni atps mppgcl coloney chachai dist-anuppur mp 484220

Yes, it is possible with our ancient science of Punshavan Sanskar. Gurudev Pt. Shri Ram Sharmaji started this Vaidik system just 60 years ago as a scientific method which use psychological impact on human mind, heart and behaviour. You should contact Brahmvarchas or DSVV for it scientific data. - DDPurohit

What is the objective behind the existence of the universe? Vishal Rajput, V. V. Nagar

This question has two answers.

(1) According to science we can say that it helps to learn endless factors of knowledge e.g. energy, magnetism, the spectrum of light, waves, evolution, types of matter and so on.

(2) According to spiritual science we can say that it is for divine knowledge which helps us to learn endless virtues e.g progress, stress, integrity, helping nature, evolution, service to society and so on.

You may choose any of the paths. Both ways will lead you towards the path of knowledge. - DDPurohit

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