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Sometimes our future is reflected in our dreams or something which is going to happen to us has already come to us in our dreams. Does this mean our subconscious mind has the capacity to read and show the future. If so how can this be when our conscious mind cannot do this? - Kushal. U. Vyas, Vadodara, Gujarat.

Dreams and meditation are the two mediums that allow us to connect with the cosmic consciousness. The difference lies in the fact that dreams function as unilateral approach to connect with the deeper world while meditation is a more active medium for this connection to take place as well as this would allow to control the activities of the subtle world. However, as meditation deepens - dreams also become the source of enlightenment and hence, Maharshi Patanjali has considered dream as one of the vrattis of the citta. - Pro.Vice Chancellor, DSVV University, Shantikunj, Haridwar

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