Gurudev Observatory

Book Fairs

Dear Friends,

My Divine master, revered Gurudev Pt.Shri Ram Sharma Acharyaji, taught me my very first lessons of astronomy, space science, extra terrestrials, global warming and life just 35 years ago. So I dedicated the name "Gurudev Observatory" to my setup of space observation at Vadodara, India.

Greatest Author of the world

H.H. Gurudev wrote more than 3200 books on global warming, space science, astronomy, climate change, de addiction, forestation, problem of life and its solution, the aim of life, the true meaning of education and more. He also translates the ancient holy books of world - The Vedas, Upanishads, Purana etc, which are being studied world wide by students of Sanskrit & philosophy. You can have more details about his literature at

Reading, which is Useful for Life

In this Internet era, students are not interested in reading books other than their curriculum which leads them to be narrow minded. To create interest in reading we have started book fairs nationwide. We displays more than 300 selected titles from the books written by Gurudev. in total we use 5000 books at a time in each school, private classes and colleges.

Reaching to Mass

Till today we can reach up to more than 9000 students for last one month and expect to reach more than 50000 students at the end of school year. Students took amazing interest in reading and purchasing of such books. We have had with me a very powerful team in which there are doctors, mangers, scientists, CS etc. to help the fair. We divide the whole day in two part by making two team. Media also helps to spread this pious work through out the region.

Conclude with Sessions

We conclude the daily book fair with session of astronomy/global warming/de addiction/forestation. In next phase we will start a multimedia session about climate change.

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