Gurudev Observatory

Media Spreads the Word

To spread awareness is one of the hardest tasks, especially when the subject is space science and astronomy. But we took a pledge to take space science up to the end point of our society so a common man, a house wife and even a child could be able to learn and understand space.

Media Came In Picture

For this we do our best. We take lectures, multimedia sessions, sky viewing and so many things. But during our outreach activities we could see that even after our best efforts we could only reach up to a few thousands people, at this point media came into picture.

Media spreads the word

We started to invite the print and electronic media to be part in our all activities, they joined us enthusiastically and now the media itself spreads the word.

Local, state, national and international media have helped Gurudev Observatory tremendously to spread awareness of space science to the young. Electronic media (TV, radio, the internet and e-magazines) and traditional print media (newspapers and magazines) are our honorary partners.

A new step

We have started a new step in outreach activities in the form of student and viewer interview with the media. This has helped tremendously to encourage viewers & students.

We reached up to millions

With the help of the media we are able to spread awareness of space science and astronomy to 2.5 million students and 50 million members of the Indian public. Media took our work throughout the India and the rest of the world.

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