Gurudev Observatory

Solar Observation

We are made up of Sun. The Sunalways attracts us. We are eager to see the sun forever but to look at the sun directly without an appropriate filter will damage the eyes.

We are sons of the Sun

Gurudev Observatory is a follower of the Sun. We mediated upon the sun daily by spiritual as well as scientific methods. We have decided to show the Sun to the common man and the youth of India. We have started a nation wide campaign of solar observation using Solar Glass and filters.

We use

We use official Solar Spectacles donated by NASA, ESA, Stanford Solar Centre, Dr.Deborah Scherrer and others for Solar Observation. During Total and Partial Solar Eclipses we also use telescopes with solar filters and Welding Glass DN14. We also use pinhole cameras, wall projection systems, web cam projection and telescope projection for solar observation depending upon the event and the available resources e.g. electric supply ,projector etc.

We Reached

We have held solar obesrvation camps at Vadodara in Western India, Mathura and Haridwar in Northern India, Rajanandgaon in Central India and remote rural area surronding of Vadodara.

Always Fascinating

During observation it has been seen that the Sun is a most fascinating object for children to students and women to senior citizens. Scientific solar observation also helps to teach so many scientific facts about the Sun very easily.

Gallery of pictures