Gurudev Observatory

Space Exhibitions

Outreach activities can only be successful if we can create interest in the subject and it is a must when the subject is space science and astronomy. It requires every thing which is useful for the purpose. It should be full of not only lectures but also multimedia sessions, live interaction, live presentation, exhibitions etc.

Exhibits work as an educator

Space exhibitions are very important to help the common man, housewives, children, students understand the subject as exhibits help to tell everything about space science in very decent and illustrative manner. People themselves can understand the phenomena very easily.

Fully loaded exhibits

We use big and small posters, 3D posters, stickers, books, journals, working models of the solar system, spacecraft , 3D moon globe, telescopes, sky maps and many other related things which attract the masses towards the subject automatically.


We organise such exhibits at big fairs, in villages and towns, in Science Fairs, in schools and colleges. As a result of the success of our exhibitions, the Government of Gujarat has invited us to join their vibrant fairs.


Up to now we have reached to more than one million people with the help of these exhibitions. Our team works hard day and night for the success of the project. It is our experience that space exhibitions are one of the best ways to spread space science awareness.

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