Gurudev Observatory

Space Science Sessions

The Indian common man and especially youth have a very keen interest in astronomy and space science but  they are restricted by limited resources, presentation, materials, sessions etc. It has been seen that there are very few telescopes available - approximately one per one million people in India. They are also bound by financial limitations, cultural background, family problems etc. All these leads our youth to lag behind the world in space science. US gave more than 1200 astronauts and India gave only three while India have very rich treasure of knowledge of Ancient Vaidik Indian Astronomy and space science which has started from Sury to Bhrugu to Aryabhatt to Varahmihir.

All over the India

Looking to all these factors Gurudev observatory has started Space science sessions throughout  India  for youth, the common man and poor community. We are reaching to the end point of society to spread awareness. Looking to our activities so many foreign space agencies, organisations have donate materials to us including books, CDs, 3D Posters, maps, stickres etc. We have reached from Vadodara (Western India) to Haridwar and Mathura (Northern India) to Rajandngao (Central India).

Full fledged space sessions

We use these materials during sessions. Simultenously we use multimedia as it directly affects the unconscious mind of viewers. We also use telescopes, sky maps, charts, posters, movies, games, models etc to represent astronomy and space science. All the sessions are totally free of charge, we do not take even traveling costs from some schools and poor communities.

The media helps us spread the word

Local, state, national and international media have helped Gurudev Observatory tremendously to spread awareness of space science to young. Electronic media (TV, radio, the internet and e-magazines) and traditional print media (newspapers and magazines) are our honorary partners.

Our belief

According to Yugrishi (Sage) Pt. Shri Ram Sharma Acharayaji, “knowledge is gods gift and it should be use to enhance humanity and the next generation.” We strongly believe in this vision.

Our goal

We firmly believe that space science and observing the sky in any form encourages a stress-free life, increases happiness, humility, enthusiasm, a positive attitude, integration and much more.

We try to take science to the next generation to make our Earth green, peaceful and borderless.

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